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US Reiterates Consequential Partnership with India, Looks Forward to PM Modi’s Visit

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The United States reaffirmed the significance of its partnership with India, emphasizing that both countries are working closely on vital priorities. The US is eagerly anticipating the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi later this month and aims to further deepen engagement on various issues. Vedant Patel, US Principal Deputy Spokesperson, responded to queries about discussing democratic backsliding and human rights during PM Modi’s visit, stating that their partnership is consequential, and they collaborate closely with the Indian government on critical matters.

The US-India partnership spans multiple areas, including addressing the climate crisis, fostering an open and secure technology ecosystem, upholding a free and open Indo-Pacific, and strengthening trade and security cooperation. Patel reiterated the commitment to deepening engagement on these concerns. The relationship between the two nations is characterized by its significance and the shared pursuit of common goals.

Regarding discussions on human rights issues, Patel emphasized that the US engages with nations worldwide, including India, and regularly addresses such matters directly with governments in line with American interests. This statement reflects the US commitment to promoting and upholding human rights globally.

In a separate development, Prime Minister Modi accepted an invitation from US Speaker Kevin McCarthy to address the US Congress on June 22 during his official state visit. Expressing gratitude, PM Modi tweeted that he is honored to accept the invitation and looks forward to addressing a joint meeting of the Congress. He highlighted the comprehensive global strategic partnership between India and the US, built on shared democratic values, strong people-to-people ties, and an unwavering commitment to global peace and prosperity.

The upcoming visit of Prime Minister Modi and his address to the US Congress signify the deepening bilateral ties and the mutual desire to strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership between India and the United States.

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