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PM Narendra Modi Asserts New Parliament Building as ‘Need of the Hour’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized that the construction of a new Parliament building was an imperative step in line with the evolving needs of the nation. The modernization of the infrastructure has been deemed necessary to enhance governance and symbolize India’s democratic process.

PM Modi’s remarks come as the country embarks on an ambitious project to construct a state-of-the-art Parliament building that will accommodate the growing needs of India’s legislative body. The existing structure, which has served as the seat of power for several decades, faces limitations in terms of space and technological advancements.

Highlighting the significance of the new Parliament building, the Prime Minister stated that it would be equipped with cutting-edge facilities to meet the requirements of a modern legislature. The technologically advanced complex would integrate the latest amenities, including enhanced audiovisual systems and digital connectivity, to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among lawmakers.

The decision to construct a new Parliament building aligns with India’s aspirations for progress and development. The symbolic value of a modern, architecturally striking structure will not only showcase the country’s commitment to innovation but also serve as a testament to its democratic ideals.

Furthermore, the project signifies the government’s resolve to provide lawmakers with an environment conducive to productive deliberations and decision-making. The new building will offer improved working conditions, ample space for parliamentary activities, and enhanced accessibility for all members, fostering a more efficient legislative process.

PM Modi reiterated that the construction of the new Parliament building was not just about aesthetics but also about optimizing functionality. The design will incorporate sustainable features and adhere to environmental norms, underscoring the government’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the new Parliament building would inspire generations to come, symbolizing India’s aspirations and dedication to progress. It is envisaged as an iconic structure that will become an integral part of the nation’s architectural heritage, reflecting the country’s democratic values and vision.

As India moves forward with this momentous undertaking, the construction of a new Parliament building represents a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards modernization. The project is set to bolster India’s governance infrastructure, enhance legislative efficiency, and reinforce its democratic principles in the 21st century.

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