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Coding Ninjas Apologizes for Viral Video Showing Watchman Restricting Employee Exit

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Gurugram-based ed-tech firm, Coding Ninjas, has issued an apology and provided an explanation in response to a viral video on social media. The video depicted a watchman closing the entrance gate of the company’s office, seemingly preventing employees from leaving without permission.

According to media reports, the video gained attention as it circulated on Twitter, where users expressed their concerns about the incident. In the video, the watchman can be heard instructing employees to obtain permission before exiting, implying that leaving without authorization is prohibited.

Coding Ninjas responded to the incident in a Twitter thread, clarifying that the action was not intentional and was the result of a regrettable mistake made by an employee. The company assured that the incident was rectified immediately within minutes, and the employee responsible acknowledged their error and apologized for any inconvenience caused.

The founders of Coding Ninjas expressed their regret and personally apologized to all employees for the incident. They emphasized that the action was an anomaly and not in line with the core values upheld by the organization. To prevent such incidents from recurring, Coding Ninjas stated that proactive measures are being implemented, and disciplinary action is being taken against the employee involved.

The company reassured everyone that the incident did not reflect its intentional practices or values. They affirmed their commitment to the well-being and rights of their employees and vowed to uphold their organizational principles in all aspects of their operations.

The swift response and apology from Coding Ninjas highlight their dedication to addressing the incident promptly and transparently. By acknowledging the mistake and taking corrective action, the company aims to rebuild trust among employees and the public.

Coding Ninjas, an ed-tech firm based in Gurugram, has apologized for the viral video showing a watchman restricting employee exit. The company clarified that the incident was not intentional, expressed regret for the inconvenience caused, and assured employees that measures are being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. Coding Ninjas’ response demonstrates their commitment to their organizational values and employee well-being.

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