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Hello, I am Dr. Kirti Kulkarni.
My journey between naturopathy and panchagavya started as I wanted to go into the medical field from the beginning, but I didn’t want to do any other pathy, and I had a lot of faith in natural things, so I completed naturopathy after 12th grade. As soon as I completed my naturopathy course, I started taking many women’s yoga classes. After taking yoga classes, I realized that women have so many problems that we should start healing them naturally and yogically, so I also graduated from yoga. I completed yoga, after which I completed a Masters in Panchagavya from Chennai University. After that, they gradually specialized in PCOD, PCOS, and infertility, with the help of naturopathy.
Since then, many pregnant women have benefited a lot from Garbhasanskar. This project, we can create great childs, has been really successful; so far in five years, 100+ women have taken guidance from me for fertility rituals. It has also been able to convey to people that we can get pregnant naturally by following natural methods, i.e., Naturopathy, Panchagavya, and Yoga.

My clinic is known as Kirti’s Nisargaopachar Yoga and Panchagavya, and it is famous by the same name.

Online and offline consultations are available.

Everyone’s individual diet plan, medication, guidance on drugs, how to change their lifestyle, mental stress, all body problems, and solution treatment schedule are done.

Online and offline yoga classes are taken.

Offline and Online Garbhasanskar classes are also conducted.

Regular sessions are also provided for relationship counseling, child counseling, and individual time.6. made in a very natural way, as well as Desi cow urine, Desi cow curd, Desi cow buttermilk, and Desi cow ghee. Medicines are also made from all these ingredients.

Diet and very proper guidance

Different types of medicines are available for different types of diseases.

Scientifically and well-made Chyawanprash is available.

Different types of cosmetics are also available with us. Cosmetics include day cream, Indian ghee HD makeup powder, Indian ghee lip balm, Desi ghee lipstick, vegan lipstick, night cream, Kumkumadi gold face serum, hair serum, natural and ayurvedic shampoo, natural hair color, natural medicines for weight loss, different types of natural face soap, natural face wash, body wash, natural facial kit, and natural cleanser. Sindoor made from organic method, made from turmeric powder and ghee Original kunku, dantmanjan made from Desi cow dung and bhimseni camphor, panchagavya bath soap made from Desi cow dung, eye medicines, ear medicines, nasya for migraines, and more are available.

For babies Suvarnaprashan, bramhi prash, baby hair oil, baby massage oil, baalguti powder, baalpalrus, baal ashtangahridyayam ghrit

Vision and mission:-
My purpose of coming in this field and working in this field is that the chemical things that we use in daily use even our toothpaste in the morning is full of chemicals right from the toothpaste till we sleep at night we should use natural and chemical free things. Provides us with the things we need to live, We live in the country of India. India is a very beautiful and natural country. In our India there are many medicines available in the nature of our India. It is my sincere wish that all our Indians benefit from it and this is my mission. This approach has been able to change some people so far, I have been able to change the lifestyles of some people and I want to change the lifestyles of many more people so I want to continue working in naturopathy. We have to use Indian things and naturally we can get pregnancy that we have by using natural treatment and panchagavya so people are doing more work in this with the same desire not to do more chemical treatment and damage to their own body. Mother nature is very kind she has a solution for everything. It is our duty to return the body to God as He gave us birth, not to remove any body part that God has given us and then return our body to God, to return it properly as He gave it to us. When every person adopts this desire, yoga, naturopathy and saving the Desi cows in his life, many diseases will disappear by themselves.

Awards and Rewards:-
1.Siddhi foundation women’s day award 2020

Rajeshwari education Sanstha, Salam Tichya Ziddi la award 2021

Pune nav Durga utsav, 2021 mee navadurga puraskar

Pune star diamond award 2022

Maharashtra samaj Bhushan puraskar

James award by lollipops entertainment

Udyogini Pride award 2023

Rajmata jijau puraskar 2023 from Kala sarvada foundation

Lastly now one more achievement I like to thanks (Aachal Awards 24) that I selected to perform on this big Event , I selected for (Aachal Awardee 24) so i am very excited..thank u so much (Samruddhi Maam) and thank you so much (happen Recently) PR team (Shubham sir ) thank u so much whole team for love and support for Me and my Naturopathy,Yoga and panchgavya…
Thank you

Name:- Dr.Kirti Rushikesh Kulkarni
Insta I’d: – dr.kirti_kulk
Facebook I’d: – Kirti Kulkarni


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