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Dr. Payal Pradeep Sadhana Jain – Adult & Pediatric Physiotherapist & Aquactic therapist

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Dr Payal Pradeep Sadhana Jain

Pediatric Physiotherapist & Aquatic therapist by profession

Classical dancer by Passion

Angel & Reiki Healer

Tarot Card Reader

Founder “Pra-Sadh Physio Aquatic & Child Development center “

Founder of “24/6 Therapy toys”

Youtuber – “movecorrect with drpayal”

Member of Rotary Club of Hiranandani Estate

Born & brought up in thane , being an introvert & a home body since child hood learning  & Mastering new skills always remained my top priority, exploring different forms of dance & reading all kinds of books was my main interest,

Dance Journey
Learning dance since age of 5 I have been Trained in almost 8 dance forms under guidance of Saroj khan mam, Terence Lewis Sir & Shiamak Davar Sir, also have been to lot many tv realty shows like boogie woogie , Dance Diva , & Dum Dama Dum & won prizes
I started my own dance academy in 2008 when I started my college & have Trained almost 400-500 people till now But pursuing a full time career in dance was never my goal

Physiotherapy journey
I always wanted to heal people at all 3 levels , physical mental & spiritual
Thus I did my Bachelor In Physiotherapy worked in Jupiter Hospital & within 3 months of practice started with my own center in 2014 & did my masters in pediatric physiotherapy & mainly treating specially abled kids & slow learners
& running my own center past 10 years now

Healer Journey
I always had liking towards occult sciences as I myself am very sensitive to vibes of place & people thus I learnt Tarot Reading, Angel & Crystal Therapy & Became a Reiki Master & giving healing & Taking readings past 9 years

Entrepreneur journey
On 10th anniversary of my center that is 27th of February 2024 I launched my new venture of therapeutic toys for specially abled kids & slow learners with the name (24/6 therapy store)

My pillars
My parents have been a rock solid support in all that I have done & planning to do, they have always motivated me to reach out to people to help & work hard in making others lives better, all is possible only because of God & my parents blessings, my centers name is combination of my Parents name ( Pra & Sadh , Pradeep & Sadhana)

My achievements
I have been awarded with
1, Community Contribution Award by kotak life for my services during covid times
2, Women entrepreneur award by Magical Charmants
3, Women Face of the Year 2024 fox story under 40

Vision & Mission
I have a vision to make pediatric health very low cost in our country, so moving ahead with a mission to create Biggest & best Rehab centre & school for specially abled & slow learner kids which will be very low cost in thane , Looking for investors to make this mission possible

Thankyou Magical Charmants for acknowlegdeing my work & motivating me to work harder , Big Thankyou to PR team of Happen recently for love & support .

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