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National Kitchenware: Crafting Culinary Excellence Since 1987 – Manufacturer & Exporter (India)

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Apex Homeneeds Private Limited is an India Based company manufacturing kitchenware and wall clocks since 1987. With 35 years of experience, We have become a reputed manufacturer. Our brand name is National Kitchenware & National Quartz. We are providing quality products at affordable rates to our customers so that they can use the best products as per their budget. Our directors are Mr. Vijaybhai Parekh / Mr. Bipinbhai Parekh / Mr. Tejasbhai Parekh.

Director Says

We want our country’s people to live lavishly and get quality products for their kitchens. It is the main place of every home. So we are helping to develop a kitchen and make a happy surroundings with these appliances you can easily make your food. With all the kitchenware you can easily complete your kitchen work and then utilize your free time.


As we are completely registered we have ISO 9001:2015 certification. We have got the CE certification as well, it helps for exporting the product. Since we are manufacturing and exporting a lot of products we got the ISO/TS 16949:2016 as well. For better exporting and increasing our country’s growth, we are helping out our country. As we developed our production growth we have understood what our customer needs. As per the reference with it, we got the Plastic Export Promotion Council that helps us to manufacture and export plastic to foreign as well. And the latest one is the Federation of Indian Export Organization that we have got recently. We are manufacturing to provide necessary items for our country’s people and help them.

Kitchenware Products

In the following all our products are mentioned.

– Kitchen Serving Set: The kitchen serving set is made with quality raw material so that it won’t break easily. It primarily consists of different serving platters, bowls, salad bowls, casseroles, dessert bowls, and serving spoons.

– Tea / Coffee Mug: Find an exclusive design of tea/coffee mug to make your morning or evening special with your dear ones.

-Mops: Easily clean your home with our mops. It will wipe out the dirt easily.

-Wipers: Wipers that are necessary to be strong to remove the heavy rain drop from the windshield. Check out our premium wipers for your vehicle.

-Gas Lighter: Spark that can ignite the flammable gas to flame with our gas lighter. It will work perfectly without any harm.

– Serving Tray: Purchase the new top-notch design of the serving tray and serve your guest.

– Multipurpose Drawers: This drawer will help you to keep different items in it. You can use it in the kitchen to keep garbage or store items.

– Plastic Jugs: Find a stylish plastic jug to store water and serve elegantly.

– Fridge Bottles: Want to keep the water chill then get the fridge bottle to keep it.

– Kitchen Peeler: Necessary part of every kitchen to make every item. Peeler is used to remove the upper skin of every vegetable.

– Kitchen Knife: Sharp knife with lock cover you will find with our product. Keep a knife safe even if your child is having it, it won’t harm them till they cover it there.

– Cloth Drying Stand: Not having enough space in your house to keep your wet clothes, then use our cloth drying stand for it.

– Casserole / Tiffin Box: Want to give your child a new tiffin box with the best quality then get our tiffin box. It will not break easily. In our tiffin box you can find some games that will excite your kids to play with it.

As some items are given in the above a lot of items are present with us for you. These products are:-

– Puri Press / Chapati Press

– S.S. Sev Sacha

– Khal Batta (Mortar)

– Pincer

– Kitchen Press

– Pickle Stand, Pot

– Glass Stand

– Fruit Fork & Spoon

– Cutlery Set / Serving Set

– Masala Rack

– Spark Gas Lighter

– Oil Pump

– Multipurpose Stand & Gas Trolley

– Hand Blenders, Mixi, Ravai

– Frying Zara

– Strainer

– Lemon Squeezer

– Chopping Board / Cut & Wash

– Masher

– Vegetable Slicers & Greeters

– Cutting Choppers

– Chilly Cutters

– Onion Cutters

– Fruit & Veg Juicers

-Vegetable Chipser & Nicer Dicer

These items are specially designed for kitchenware. We have been providing these items for many years to our customers. We are dedicated to our work and want to help people.

National Quartz Products:

Wall clocks with beautiful frames and under budget you can find it with us. We produce lovely designs of wall clocks. There are different types of wall clocks that we are manufacturing. Not just wall clocks but we produce Wooden Key chains, Mobile stands, and Wooden Photo frames for our customers.

Special Customized Pack & OEM Supply of Kitchenware & Wall Clocks Products are sold throughout the country and exported as well. It looks amazing and you can store it in your home for keeping your memories safe and seeing them regularly. You can find more than 200 designs of wall clocks for homes and offices.

Providing products throughout the world

In the domestic area, our products are distributed among dealers, distributors, and suppliers, then it goes to retailers and small shops. After that the customer can purchase it and use it. Our loyal customer gives us feedback on our products after using them. If we find any fault in our products then we try to change it and improve it. We used to provide our items to Mall & SuperMarket Supply.

In the international market, the merchant exporter used to export the products to different countries. We used to export in huge quantities for the betterment of our country. We have the widest range of more than 500 products of kitchenware in our company. We produce 200+ products of wall clocks for our customers. Our Corporate Gifting Supply can be used as gifting in corporate offices as well.

Our products are exported to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, etc.


As we are present in the market for a long time we have delivered a lot of quality items. We have got the Best Household Products for our kitchen products. We have always tried to supply the best quality product to our customers that is why we have got the Best Quality Products as well. As we have designed the best cutlery for a kitchen that is why we have got the Best Cutlery Design Award. Since we are having more than 500 products of kitchenware that is why we have got the Widest Kitchenware Product Award as well.

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