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Mother-Daughter Duo Revolutionises Education with Devi’s Knowledge First

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Imagine a learning space where technology seamlessly blends with expert guidance, personalised journeys, and global reach. This is the reality at Devi’s Knowledge First, a smart coaching institute founded by the mother-daughter powerhouses, Harshada and Devika Tanna. Nestled in Thane, Mumbai, DKF caters to children aged 5 and above, offering them a unique and effective route to academic success.

Step into the smart classroom at DKF, equipped with the latest technology that elevates the learning experience. Interactive boards transform lessons into engaging sessions, while expert faculty ensures clear understanding and guidance. But DKF goes beyond traditional teaching methods. With Harshada Tanna, a global career counsellor from UCLA , on board, the institute addresses mental health anxieties, fear of maths, and any other academic challenge head-on.

Devika Tanna, the institute’s academic head and an MTech in Electronics and Telecommunications from KJ Somaiya , brings the magic of Artificial Intelligence into the classroom. She personalizes every child’s learning journey, ensuring each student flourishes and reaches their full potential. This personalised approach has proven its success – a minimum of 30% growth in marks within 6 months is the DKF advantage!

Looking for Interactive learning beyond Thane? DKF offers home tutors across Mumbai, with a team of 300 experienced tutor partners ready to guide your child. But the reach doesn’t stop there! Devi’s Knowledge First transcends geographical boundaries, catering to students in UAE, USA, UK, and Singapore. Their vision is simple: global education simplified for all students.

The results speak for themselves. Over 1000 families have already switched to DKF’s smart learning approach, experiencing outstanding results in the last four years. This is a testament to their commitment to personalised learning, expert guidance, and technology-driven solutions.

Ready to give your child the DKF advantage? Book a demo using the link provided and explore the world of smart learning. Join the growing community of parents who are empowering their children with personalised, effective, and globally accessible education.

So, don’t settle for the ordinary. Choose Devi’s Knowledge

First and unlock your child’s true potential.

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Link :

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