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Nari Gaurav Puraskar – Women’s Pride Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Pune

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Surya Mangal – Dining, Banquet Hall, and Veg Thali Restaurant in Ravet, Punawale, proudly presents the Nari Gaurav Puraskar, an evening dedicated to honoring the remarkable achievements of women across Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. Scheduled for March 8th, this prestigious event aims to recognize and celebrate the contributions of 5 extraordinary women who have excelled in their respective fields.

In a society where cooking is predominantly associated with women, Surya Mangal acknowledges the diverse talents and accomplishments of women beyond the kitchen. Pankaj Gadiya, owner of SuryaMangal Dining and Restaurant said “We organized these awards to celebrate the outstanding women who inspire us every day. As a restaurateur, I know firsthand the importance of the culinary expertise and passion that women bring to the table. These awards are my way of expressing gratitude to the phenomenal women in our lives. Join us as we honor and uplift these remarkable individuals”. From entrepreneurs and social activists to athletes and educators, these women have broken barriers, inspired change, and made a significant impact in their communities.

Here are the exceptional women who will be receiving the Nari Gaurav Puraskar:

1. Utkarsha Jitendra Kulkarni: Entrepreneur and founder of Neevad Masala, transforming her home-based business into a successful factory venture, empowering women along the way.

2. Adv. Sonali Sawant Edhate: Legal entrepreneur and partner at Projulex Global LLP, advocating for government schemes and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

3. Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya: Founder of Ritaa India Foundation for Social Contribution, recognized for her extensive work in social and educational sectors.

4. Srushti More: Accomplished athlete, representing India in international championships and receiving accolades for her exemplary achievements in sports.

5. Prabha Vilas: Advocate for marginalized communities, breaking barriers through education and empowerment initiatives.

Join us as we pay tribute to these exceptional women and celebrate their resilience, determination, and success. Together, let us ignite the spirit of empowerment and equality as we commemorate International Women’s Day.

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