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Empower Farmers with Helping Hand Program Launched” – Advocate Amit Dua

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SmartBytes India Consultancy Celebrates 12 Years of Providing Agricultural Support Services, Since its inception, SmartBytes India Consultancy has been dedicated to providing exceptional support and services to farmers across the nation.  Advocate Amit Dua, an expert in agricultural law, has been tirelessly serving farmers for over a decade. With his expertise and guidance, he has successfully helped form more than 5000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) and Farmer Producer Companies (FPC). 

These organizations not only provide support to farmers but also serve as a platform for them to collectively improve their livelihoods. Additionally, Amit Dua’s services are completely free for all farmers, making it accessible to all who require assistance. As a testament to their commitment towards empowering farmers, Advocate Amit Dua was recently awarded with an honorary Doctorate Degree in Corporate Laws for his selfless service towards FPOs (Farmers’ Producer Organizations) and FPCs (Farmer Producer Companies). For over 12 years now, Advocate Dr. Amit Dua has provided legal guidance and assistance free of cost, helping countless small-scale farmers gain access to necessary resources and benefits. 

This achievement only reinforces the company’s mission of uplifting agricultural communities through various initiatives such as financial advising, market linkage solutions, technological advancements etc., making them one of the leading advisors in agriculture sector today.

“Empower Farmers with Helping Hand Program” A Program, Aim and Great Idea Just Launched with aims to empower farmers by providing them with necessary knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities for their growth and development. Join hands with us on this journey towards a brighter future for our hardworking farmers. This will allow a farmer to join and collaborate with other Farmer / FPO / FPC.

Kissan Junction Invited Advocate Dr Amit Dua for Interview and Guide Farmers, where He Said “The farming community has always been the backbone of our nation, providing us with essential produce and nourishment. However, farmers often face many challenges such as lack of resources, access to markets or technology assistance which hamper their productivity & earnings. In order to support their growth and success in the agricultural sector, renowned advocate Dr Amit Dua has launched a “Helping Hand Program”. This program aims to provide services like setting up Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) or Companies (FPC), connecting them with government schemes and subsidies, thus enabling them join hands towards maximizing agri-produce.”

Smartbytes India Consultancy, An Organization formed by Advocate Dr Amit Dua mainly serves to form Agricultural Support Services, Farmer Producers Organization / Companies, Compliances, Compiling with Compliances, Filing for Subsides/support. And also is in Consultation for Accounting and Taxation Related Services, filing for Intellectual Property Rights, and Corporate Matters. 

SmartBytes continues its mission to uplift the farming community by equipping them with resources for growth and success.

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