This year, the Truth Stage at Glastonbury Festival witnessed an awe-inspiring performance by Bee2, a British-born Punjabi Bhangra singer and talented tumbi player, accompanied by traditional Punjabi dancers and the renowned DJ Bobby Friction. The magnitude of the crowd that gathered to witness this spectacle was nothing short of impressive, with thousands of enthusiastic festival-goers eagerly anticipating the experience. For many, it was their first introduction to the infectious rhythms of Bhangra, and Bee2 did not disappoint. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional Punjabi beats with contemporary elements struck a chord with fans from all walks of life, breaking through language barriers and showcasing the universal appeal of Punjabi music.

During his performance, Bee2’s mastery of the tumbi left a lasting impression, leading DJ Bobby Friction to dub him the “Jimmy Hendrix of the tumbi.” This accolade only further solidified Bee2’s status as a pioneering force in the British Punjabi music industry, a journey he has passionately pursued for over 25 years. Beyond the immediate impact, Bee2’s performance had a deeper significance, symbolizing the growing recognition and acceptance of Punjabi music on a global scale. It served as a powerful statement, suggesting that it’s high time Punjabi music becomes an integral part of the global cultural landscape, consistently featuring on renowned stages such as Glastonbury.


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