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Ariana Grande Teases 7th Studio Album in 2024 After Rare Outing with Ethan Slater

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Ariana Grande, the iconic Positions singer, has delighted her massive Instagram following of 380 million by hinting at her highly anticipated return to the music scene. Breaking a four-year hiatus, Grande officially confirmed the release of her seventh studio album in 2024. The announcement came through a captivating Instagram post on December 27, where the 30-year-old songstress shared a carousel of photos and videos, concluding with the intriguing caption, “See you next year.”

Ariana Grande Studio Sneak Peek

In a unique glimpse into her recent studio recording sessions, Grande treated her fans to Polaroid-strewn snapshots scattered across the floor. Among the images, she added a touch of mystery by inscribing “See you next year” in red lipstick on a piece of paper. The carousel also featured exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from her latest studio endeavors. A surprising and candid moment captured Grande shedding tears while giving a thumbs-up, juxtaposed with another photo showcasing her joyously dancing while on a FaceTime call. The singer playfully described these as “The two moods of the album” when shared individually on her Instagram story.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Emotional Revelations

The visual journey continues with a video clip where someone informs the Point of View (POV) singer that it’s nearly the last day of working on the album. Grande, lounging on a couch cocooned in a furry blanket, expressed her exhaustion and joy, confessing, “I’m so tired but so happy and grateful. I also feel like I weigh 3,000 tons.”

Out and About with Ethan Slater

In an unexpected turn of events, Ariana Grande was spotted in New York City just days before Christmas, accompanying her rumored boyfriend, Ethan Slater. The pair, joined by Grande’s father and a friend, enjoyed a dinner date at the singer’s family-favorite Italian restaurant, according to Page Six. Further reports revealed that the group attended Slater’s Broadway musical, Spamalot, showcasing their support for each other’s endeavors. A source disclosed, “They love to support each other in their work … when she’s done with work, she loves going to the theater when she can.”

Grande fans eagerly await the upcoming album, the artist’s personal and professional life continues to captivate the public eye, promising an exciting 2024 filled with music and meaningful connections.

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