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2023 OnePlay Revolutionizing Indian Cloud Gaming: OnePlay’s Vision and Journey

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In the expansive world of gaming, OnePlay, a dynamic four-year-old Indian startup, is making waves with its ambitious foray into cloud gaming. Founded in 2019 by Harshit Jain and the youthful prodigy Abhik Saha, the company is poised to tap into the untapped potential of the Indian cloud gaming market. With over $1.8 million in seed funding and a steadily growing user base surpassing 50,000, OnePlay envisions a future where cloud gaming takes center stage in the gaming landscape.

Cloud Gaming: A Global Phenomenon

The global gaming industry, valued at a staggering $240 billion annually, has witnessed the emergence of cloud gaming as a transformative force. According to Fortune Business Insights, the cloud gaming market reached $3.37 billion globally in 2022, with projections soaring to $5.76 billion by the end of 2023 and a staggering $84.97 billion by 2030. Despite the global surge, cloud gaming is still in its infancy in India.

Revolutionizing Indian Cloud Gaming: OnePlay's Vision and Journey OnePlay

OnePlay’s Unique Approach

OnePlay stands out by offering affordable subscription plans, eliminating the need for high-end gaming hardware. Their plans, ranging from ₹39-999 per month, grant users access to a graphics chipset equivalent to the GeForce RTX 3050. The unique selling proposition lies in the seamless gaming experience across various devices, from PCs and MacBooks to smartphones and smart TVs.

A Twist in the Tale: Own Your Games

OnePlay introduces a twist to the cloud gaming narrative. To embark on the gaming journey, users must own the games they wish to play. By linking Steam or Epic Games store accounts, subscribers gain access to their owned titles based on their chosen subscription tier. This approach ensures a personalized gaming library catering to individual preferences.

Unveiling the OnePlay Experience

Having experienced OnePlay firsthand, the reviewer highlights the surreal experience of playing graphics-intensive games like Baldur’s Gate III on a modest M2 MacBook Air. Despite concerns about potential queue times, the gaming experience was described as seamless, with instant loading and playing—a testament to the platform’s efficiency.

The Journey of OnePlay: From Discovery Engine to Cloud Gaming

The inception of OnePlay traces back to Jain and Saha’s technological prowess, initially focusing on a discovery engine and recommendation system. Recognizing the evolving trends, they strategically pivoted towards gaming, foreseeing the gaming industry’s promising trajectory.

Shaping the Narrative: Overcoming Challenges and Educating the Masses

Acknowledging the challenges, the duo emphasized the need to educate the Indian market about gaming and its ecosystem. With the rise of over-the-top (OTT) platforms, they witnessed a shift in trends and identified gaming as the next wave poised for prominence.

The Convergence of Paths: Saha and Jain’s Collaboration

Saha, making his mark in the tech world from the age of 12, collaborated with Jain in 2017, driven by a shared passion for technology and a determination to prove themselves in the engineering space. Their journey reflects a commitment to innovation and breaking barriers.

Infrastructure Challenges: Addressing Latency and Server Capacity

To ensure optimal user experience, OnePlay is actively collaborating with internet service providers (ISPs) to expand server coverage across India. Overcoming challenges related to latency and server capacity remains a strategic focus, with plans to establish servers in northern and southern regions within 3-6 months.

The Future Vision: Cloud Gaming as a Platform

OnePlay envisions a future where cloud gaming evolves into a platform offering diverse gaming experiences. Drawing parallels with streaming platforms, they anticipate games designed exclusively for the cloud, providing unique and resource-intensive gaming encounters.

Community Engagement and Collaborations

Engaging with the gaming community is a top priority for OnePlay. The platform’s collaborations with leading technology companies underscore its commitment to a seamless gaming experience. Strategic partnerships with Fampay, Countly, Leap switch, Yotta, Radian Arc, and Shaks contribute to building a robust infrastructure.

Funding Milestone and User Base

OnePlay recently secured $1.8 million in seed funding from Baring Capital, Inflection Point Ventures, and notable angel investors. With a registered user base exceeding 50,000 and over 1,00,000 downloads, OnePlay’s presence spans key cities in India, with plans to expand server coverage to Noida and Chennai in the next 3-6 months.

OnePlay’s Impact on the Gaming Landscape

OnePlay gains momentum, Jain and Saha continue to drive innovation and envision a future where cloud gaming redefines the gaming experience. With strategic funding, an expanding user base, and a commitment to community engagement, OnePlay is positioned to leave an indelible mark on the Indian gaming landscape.

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