An interview with Manikanta Belde: Author of 7 self help books and a public speaker


The recent article by a major newspaper on the emerging trend of English publishing has generated quite a stir, leading to a lively debate. In response, a number of authors promptly stepped forward to passionately defend their unique writing style.

Manikanta Belde, the author of popular books about self-help, agreed to an email interview with a book lover and a reviewer.

Mr. Manikanta Belde not only writes books in “English,” but he is also a well-known motivational speaker at youth conferences. He shares business and lifestyle advice with aspiring entrepreneurs through internet.

Question:** Can you tell us about your journey as an author in the self-help genre and what inspired you to write 7 books on this topic?

**Answer:** My journey as an author in the self-help genre began when I faced personal challenges and sought guidance from self-help books. The transformative power of these books inspired me to share my experiences and insights, helping others navigate similar situations.

Question:** What is the central theme or message that ties together all your self-help books?

**Answer:** The central theme across my books is the belief in the human capacity for growth and self-improvement. Each book explores different aspects of personal development, from mindset to relationships, aiming to empower readers to lead more fulfilling lives.

 Question:** Can you share a specific success story or transformational moment from one of your readers who benefited from your self-help books?

**Answer:** One reader, who struggled with confidence and self-doubt, reached out to me after reading my book on self-esteem. She shared how implementing the strategies I discussed helped her regain her self-worth and pursue her dream career with newfound confidence.

Question:** Writing 7 books is an impressive achievement. How do you maintain your motivation and creativity throughout the writing process?

**Answer:** Maintaining motivation and creativity can be challenging, but I stay inspired by continuously learning and exploring new topics within self-help. I also draw inspiration from my readers’ feedback and their stories of personal growth.

Question:** What advice would you give to aspiring self-help authors who want to make a positive impact with their writing?

**Answer:** My advice would be to write authentically from your own experiences and insights. Focus on providing practical solutions and actionable steps for your readers. Additionally, never underestimate the power of perseverance in the often challenging world of publishing.

Question:** How do you approach the research and development of the content in your self-help books to ensure they are effective and relatable to a wide audience?

**Answer:** I approach my books by conducting extensive research on the topics I want to cover. I also draw from my own experiences and those of people I’ve worked with as a coach. It’s essential to strike a balance between well-founded advice and relatable, real-life stories.

Question:** With 7 books under your belt, what’s next for you as an author in the self-help genre? Any new projects or themes you plan to explore?

**Answer:** I’m currently working on a book that delves into the intersection of self-help and technology, exploring how digital tools and platforms can be harnessed for personal growth. I believe it’s a timely topic given our increasingly connected world, and I’m excited to share my insights.


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