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“Zha” to receive Lions International Music Awards for Best Lyric, Music and Singing.

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Lions International Music Awards were declared for the year 2023. K Jayakumar, Rajesh babu K, P K Sunil Kumar, and Nithya Mamen were adjudged winners for their outstanding works in malayalam films during the year 2023

K Jayakumar IAS (Lyricist for penning the song ‘Vanil Padarum’ and ‘Zha’), Rajesh Babu K Sooranad (Music Director for the movies ‘Zha’ and ‘Binary’) P K Sunil kumar (Play back Singer for the movies ‘Zha’ and ‘Binary’) are part of the same movie “Zha”

The awards will be presented at the function to be held on 26th February at Calicut.

K. Jayakumar IAS, is an Indian civil servant, poet, and author. He was an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from Kerala who retired as the Chief Secretary of the Government of Kerala. He has also worked as lyricist, translator and screenwriter. He is the son of film director M. Krishnan Nair. He has served as the founding vice-chancellor of the Malayalam University.

Rajesh Babu K Sooranad is a renowned Music Director and Film Producer predominantly works in Mollywood. He has composed music for more than 20 film and produced movies like Perfume, Her fragrance, Binary and “ Zha”, The incessant Rain..

P K Sunil Kumar is a renowned playback Singer and stage performer who works in the Malayalam Film Industry.This time out of four awards three goes to “ Zha- the best lyric , music and rendition.

All the songs of “ Zha” released recently were hits and trending in YouTube and other platforms.
“Zha,” the latest Malayalam bromantic thriller directed by Girish P C Palam and produced by Rajesh Babu K Sooranad , offers a fresh perspective on friendship dynamics.

Rajesh says, the film explores the intricate balance between camaraderie and familial responsibilities, unveiling the challenges faced by a young individual torn between love for a friend and duty towards family.

Featuring a stellar cast, “Zha” stars Manikandan Achari and Nandu Anand in pivotal roles, supported by an ensemble including Santhosh Keezhattoor, Laxmi Priya, Rajesh Sharma, Shyni Sara, Ajitha, Vijayan Karanthoor, and others. Girish P C Palam, renowned for his work in theatre, brings his unique storytelling style to the film, promising audiences a captivating and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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