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Xbox Boss Responds as Microsoft Threatens Employee Game Pass Subscriptions

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Microsoft is on the verge of revoking free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions for over 238,000 employees, excluding those not directly associated with the Xbox division. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, was unaware of this change and is investigating the matter.

U-Turn: Microsoft Reverses Decision to Terminate Employee Game Pass Subscriptions

In an unexpected twist, Microsoft has now reversed its earlier announcement regarding the termination of its employees’ Game Pass subscriptions. Following the initial confusion and uproar among the affected workforce, Xbox boss Phil Spencer issued an apology for the misunderstanding and reassured everyone that there would be no changes made to the availability of Game Pass for Microsoft employees.

Microsoft Hikes Xbox Game Pass Prices Amid Employee Subscription Uproar

Beyond the internal controversy surrounding the fate of employee subscriptions, Microsoft has unveiled plans to increase the prices of both Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. For users in the United States, the standard Game Pass subscription will see a modest increase of $1, now costing $11 per month, while the premium Game Pass Ultimate will rise by $2, making it $17 per month.

Xbox News Roundup: Game Pass Changes, Removals, and November Additions

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the employee subscriptions, Microsoft is maintaining its regular practice of adding and removing titles from Game Pass. The exact removal dates remain undisclosed, but historically, games tend to get eliminated around the middle and end of each month. In addition to this, the gaming community can look forward to an array of exciting new titles joining the Game Pass library in November. This month’s offerings include Headbangers: Rhythm Royale, Jusant, and Wartales, all of which are available on day one of their release. Gamers can also anticipate the arrival of Thirsty Suitors, Football Manager 2024, Dungeons 4, and the day-one release of Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name on Game Pass.

Xbox Boss Responds as Microsoft Threatens Employee Game Pass Subscriptions
Thirsty Suitors
Dungeons 4
Dragon Gaiden

This comprehensive overview highlights the recent upheaval surrounding Microsoft’s decision regarding Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions for employees, Phil Spencer’s involvement in resolving the issue, and the subsequent price hikes for Game Pass subscriptions. Additionally, it covers the consistent rotation of games within the Game Pass library and the exciting additions awaiting gamers in November.


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