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Vice President Urges MLAs to Immobilize Remote Controls for Active Parliamentary Participation

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The Vice President of India has called upon Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) to immobilize their remote controls and actively contribute to parliamentary proceedings. The appeal emphasizes the importance of MLAs’ engagement and participation in shaping legislative decisions that impact the nation and its citizens.

Addressing the MLAs, the Vice President highlighted that parliamentary democracy thrives on the active involvement of elected representatives. By immobilizing their remote controls, MLAs can prioritize their role in the legislative process and effectively contribute to discussions, debates, and decision-making.

The Vice President underscored the significance of MLAs’ active participation in parliamentary proceedings, as it enables the diverse voices and perspectives of the people they represent to be heard. By fully immersing themselves in the legislative process, MLAs can make informed contributions and work towards the collective welfare of the nation.

Immobilizing remote controls symbolizes the commitment of MLAs to dedicate their time and attention to parliamentary activities. It encourages MLAs to engage in thoughtful discussions, raise pertinent questions, and present well-researched viewpoints on matters of national importance.

The appeal from the Vice President comes at a time when effective parliamentary participation is crucial for addressing critical challenges and driving meaningful change. MLAs, as representatives of the people, have a responsibility to actively contribute to the legislative agenda and advocate for the interests and concerns of their constituents.

By immobilizing their remote controls, MLAs can avoid distractions and fully immerse themselves in the parliamentary proceedings. It fosters a culture of active engagement, robust debates, and constructive dialogue that strengthens the democratic fabric of the nation.

The Vice President’s call to immobilize remote controls serves as a reminder for MLAs to prioritize their parliamentary duties and fulfill their responsibilities as elected representatives. It encourages them to actively contribute to the legislative process and work towards shaping policies and laws that benefit the nation and its citizens.

Through their active participation, MLAs can help in building a vibrant and inclusive democracy that reflects the aspirations and concerns of the people. Immobilizing remote controls is a symbolic step towards reinforcing the commitment to parliamentary democracy and promoting effective governance.

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