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UP to declare ‘The Kerala Story’ tax-free, CM Yogi plans to watch film with his ministers

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In a move that is likely to boost the fortunes of the Malayalam film ‘The Kerala Story’, the government of Uttar Pradesh has announced that it will declare the film tax-free in the state. The decision was taken following a request from the producers, who expressed their gratitude to the state government for its support.

The announcement was made by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who also stated that he plans to watch the film along with his cabinet ministers. The Chief Minister praised the film for its portrayal of the struggles and sacrifices of the freedom fighters in Kerala, and highlighted the importance of recognizing and celebrating such contributions.

The decision to make the film tax-free is expected to encourage more people to watch the film and increase its reach among a wider audience. It is also likely to set a positive precedent for other states to follow, and underscores the importance of supporting quality cinema that reflects the diversity of India.

The Malayalam film industry has been making waves in recent years with a string of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films that have won international recognition. ‘The Kerala Story’ is the latest addition to this impressive body of work, and its tax-free status is a major boost for the film and its makers.

The announcement by the Uttar Pradesh government is a welcome development and a positive example of how government support can help promote quality cinema and recognize the contributions of artists and filmmakers.

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