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The Kerala Story Is Against ISIS, Doesn’t Target Any Religion: Sudipto Sen

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In the wake of recent reports highlighting the presence of ISIS sympathizers and radicalization activities in Kerala, Sudipto Sen, a renowned expert on counterterrorism, has shed light on the true nature of the situation. Sen asserts that the Kerala story is not a fight against any specific religion but rather a battle against the dangerous ideology propagated by ISIS.

Speaking at a panel discussion on counterterrorism, Sen emphasized that the focus should be on identifying and countering extremist ideologies rather than targeting any particular religious community. He stressed that it is crucial to understand that the fight against ISIS is a fight against terrorism, not against Islam or any other religion.

Sen pointed out that Kerala, a southern state in India, has witnessed a worrying rise in radicalization activities and recruitment efforts by ISIS sympathizers. However, he clarified that the primary objective of counterterrorism measures in Kerala is to safeguard national security and protect all citizens, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

The expert further highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach that includes intelligence gathering, community engagement, and deradicalization initiatives. He underlined the importance of involving religious leaders, community organizations, and civil society in countering the spread of extremist ideologies.

Sen emphasized that the Kerala story should serve as a wake-up call for policymakers and security agencies to strengthen their efforts in identifying and neutralizing the threat posed by radicalization. He called for enhanced collaboration between various stakeholders, including state authorities, central intelligence agencies, and international partners, to address the complex challenges associated with countering extremism.

It is crucial to recognize that the fight against terrorism should never be seen as an attack on any religion or community. Sen’s remarks provide valuable insights into the nuanced nature of the issue and underline the need for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to tackle the threat posed by extremist ideologies.

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