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Team Titans of Tamil Nadu Clinches “Best Designers of Avant-Garde Garments of the Year” Award at World Couture League

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New Delhi — In a groundbreaking achievement, the esteemed fashion designers of Team Titans from Tamil Nadu secured the prestigious “Best Designers of Avant-Garde Garments of the Year” Award at the World Couture League. The event, organized by the World Designing Forum (WDF), witnessed the brilliance of Team Titans as they showcased exceptional creativity and innovation in the realm of avant-garde fashion.

The recognition comes as a testament to the team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and their commitment to excellence in the fashion industry. Led by Captain Kavitha Senduraj, the team members—Suchitra S, Abhisha Raju, Jadson Paul Jawahar, Swati, JK Sandiya, Rekha Ramkumar, and Priyadarshini R—played pivotal roles in securing this esteemed accolade.

First Initiative for Indian Handloom and Artisans

The World Couture League’s initiative to promote Indian handloom and artisans marked a significant milestone in the fashion industry. By recognizing and celebrating the unique craftsmanship and skills of Indian weavers, this initiative aligns with the broader mission of the World Designing Forum to support the “Vocal for Local” campaign.

To further amplify this cause, World Designing Forum has declared 7th August 2024 as “National Handloom Day.” This day will serve as a unified celebration across all states in India, bringing together the diverse cultures and traditions that contribute to the rich tapestry of Indian handloom. The aim is to encourage the use of indigenous fabrics and support local artisans, fostering sustainability and preserving our cultural heritage.

Congratulations from CEO Ankush Anami

Ankush Anami, CEO of World Designing Forum, extended heartfelt congratulations to Team Titans of Tamil Nadu for their outstanding achievement. He expressed his appreciation for their contribution to the world of fashion and emphasized the importance of recognizing and promoting the invaluable heritage of Indian handloom.

This recognition not only honors the talent and hard work of Team Titans but also serves as an inspiration for designers across the nation to explore new horizons in the world of fashion.

About World Designing Forum

World Designing Forum is a leading organization dedicated to promoting innovation, creativity, and excellence in the field of fashion and design. Through initiatives like the World Couture League, WDF strives to provide a platform for designers to showcase their talents and contribute to the growth of the fashion industry. Visit for more information.

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