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SUKESH ROY LEGAL LLP Emerges as South India’s Premier Media Law Firm!

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Establishing its headquarters in Kochi, SUKESH ROY LEGAL LLP has swiftly risen to prominence as a cornerstone for legal counsel in matters concerning media rights, intellectual property, defamation, and other pertinent areas within the film industry. With a dedicated team of legal professionals, the firm has shown an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the interests of its clients across various facets of Intellectual Property Rights, including the implications of Artificial Intelligence in movies.

Through its adept handling of intricate legal challenges and its dedication to upholding the principles of justice and fairness, SUKESH ROY LEGAL LLP has earned the trust and confidence of numerous clients within the media and entertainment industry. The firm’s comprehensive approach to legal representation, coupled with its deep understanding of the evolving media landscape, has positioned it as a go-to resource for film celebrities, movie production companies, and writers seeking expert guidance in navigating legal complexities.

Sukesh Roy, the Founder Partner commended “ The movie industry faces challenges with AI integration, risking job displacement and ethical concerns. Protecting intellectual property rights is another issue, as AI generates original content, raising ownership questions. Concerns also arise over AI misuse for deepfake technology, jeopardizing industry credibility and leading to legal implications for defamation and privacy violations. Furthermore, deepfake technology poses risks for actors, allowing the creation of convincing but false representations, jeopardizing their reputations and privacy. In an industry brimming with diverse intellectual properties and contractual agreements, creatives may struggle to discern the need for a Media & Entertainment lawyer.”

Ms. Meera Menon, a Partner of the firm, highlighted, ” With various copyright types, liabilities, and contract formats involved, the expertise of a Media & Entertainment lawyer is crucial for seamless business navigation. We offer invaluable guidance on protecting and enforcing creative works, ensuring their rights are upheld in a digital and global marketplace. In a contractual landscape where precision is paramount, we specialize in crafting, assessing, and negotiating bespoke agreements. From production and licensing deals to distribution and talent agreements, we protect our client’s interests, minimizing risks and liabilities.”

Based in the vibrant city of Kochi, the firm has garnered acclaim for its expertise and proficiency in navigating the complex legalities surrounding the movie industry. The firm also offers guidance to clients on various online media issues, software license agreements, challenges linked with film production, financing, and distribution, as well as intellectual property matters concerning E-commerce. Their practice spans prosecution, litigation, and enforcement, with a notable track record of safeguarding clients’ interests. They have provided services to individuals, production houses, and international media companies, and have represented public figures, including sports personalities and film celebrities.

In light of its stellar reputation and steadfast commitment to excellence, SUKESH ROY LEGAL LLP stands poised to further consolidate its position as a leading authority in Media Law, continuing to provide invaluable legal counsel and advocacy to clients across South India and beyond!


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