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Singh Saab- Inspiring Success Globally, Esteemed Author and Motivational Speaker.

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Singh Saab – Parijat Prasoon an acclaimed author, career counselor, relationship counselor, and motivational speaker, is leading the charge in making mental health support accessible and affordable. In an era where mental health issues are on the rise, a beacon of hope shines through the efforts of Singh Saab, the dynamic founder of the startup Follow S. This innovative platform is not just a business; it’s a mission to transform lives.

Follow S stands out in its holistic approach to mental health and personal development. Recognizing the interconnectedness of various life aspects, Singh Saab and his team offer a range of services aimed at addressing the root causes of depression, anxiety, and stress. Their approach is not just about coping strategies; it’s about empowering individuals to make lasting changes in their lives.

What sets Follow S apart is its commitment to affordability. In a world where quality mental health services are often a luxury, Singh Saab is determined to break the barriers. “Our goal is to ensure that no one is denied the opportunity to improve their mental health due to financial constraints,” says Singh Saab.

As an author, Singh Saab has already touched the lives of many with his insightful writings on personal growth and emotional well-being. His work as a career and relationship counselor further extends his impact, providing tailored guidance to individuals facing challenges in these critical areas of life.

But perhaps the most striking aspect of Singh Saab’s work is his role as a motivational speaker. Through his speeches, he inspires not just with words, but with his own journey and experiences. “Every speech is a story of transformation, a testament to what is possible when we refuse to give up,” Singh Saab shares.

Clients of Follow S have reported remarkable improvements in their mental health, citing the personalized and empathetic approach of the team. With plans to expand their services and reach more individuals, Follow S is not just a startup; it’s a movement towards a more mentally resilient society.

For those struggling with mental health issues, or simply seeking to improve their overall well-being, Follow S offers a welcoming and transformative environment. Singh Saab’s vision is clear: a world where mental health support is not a privilege, but a right accessible to all.


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