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Shraddha Walkar case: Court frames murder charges against Aaftab Poonawala, trial to begin on June 1

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A Mumbai court has framed charges of murder against Aaftab Poonawala in the case of Shraddha Walkar’s death. The trial is scheduled to begin on June 1st, 2023. Poonawala, who was arrested in August 2022, is accused of killing Walkar, a 25-year-old woman from Thane.

During the hearing, the court took note of the evidence presented by the prosecution and observed that there was sufficient material to proceed with the trial. The prosecution had argued that Poonawala had a motive to kill Walkar, who was allegedly blackmailing him over some compromising photographs.

The defense, however, argued that there was no direct evidence linking Poonawala to the murder and that the prosecution’s case was based on circumstantial evidence. The defense further contended that the photographs in question were not in Poonawala’s possession and that he had no motive to kill Walkar.

The case has attracted widespread media attention and public outrage, with many calling for justice for Walkar and for the accused to be held accountable. The court’s decision to frame charges against Poonawala is a significant step forward in the case, and the trial is expected to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding Walkar’s death.

Shraddha Walkar’s death has raised serious questions about the safety of women and the prevalence of violence against them in Indian society. The case has also highlighted the need for greater awareness and sensitivity towards issues of gender-based violence and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

As the trial proceeds, it is hoped that justice will be served, and the guilty will be held accountable for their actions. The court’s decision to frame charges against Poonawala is an important milestone in this regard, and it remains to be seen how the case will unfold in the coming weeks and months.

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