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Service to Mankind is Service to God

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Doing Social work has somehow always been my passion. Ever since I could remember I would find great satisfaction in helping others.It energized me and give me strength which I couldn’t find by doing anything else.

I myself Mrs Namrata Ovalekar Rane a law Graduate, Learned Classical Singer, Recently Organizing Musical Event and Cricket Tournaments.
Music is the language of God which helps to get peace of mind and Sports helps to stay physically fit I have opened Music Academy and Cricket Coaching Academy.

And for last 30 yrs I have successfully run the cafeteria of Dadoji Kondev Stadium at Thane from which my business managing and hospitality skills begin to develop.

Right from my school days I was a Carrom Champion represented and won interschool and college Carrom competitions, A Drama Club kid, An Active Kabbadi and Badminton Player and ofcourse A Genius Student in Academic.
Since I was the eldest child in my family I always had that responsible and caring nature in me.
I was very much attached to my family parents sisters, That love and care made me fond of doing various household chores and used to take the responsibility of the house workers on my own.

From early years I loved children and wanted to spend more time with them so I accepted my first job and returned back to my own school I ES Dadar as A Teacher in Jr and Sr Std… I preferred this to make the base strong of every child which is the most important job.
I continued working for 4yrs and than got married in the year 1990 so giving priority to family left the job..
In the year 1994 I got opportunity to run Cafeteria of Dadoji Kondev Stadium Thane.
Along with my husband for 30 yrs both working hard from morning to some times Midnight.
At the same time I was also providing free advising and consultation services about/surrounding legal matters so my education doesn’t go in waste.

Even though I was helping others along with running the canteen my heart still yearned to do more social work I took the decision to discontinue our profession and totally involved in humanity job.
So in the year 2018 I registered Sanstha named Sur Sudaan Shaurya Swar where huge hearted members connected with the Sanstha and I could expand my social job with the help of members by organizing events, getting donation for fund raising.
In the year 2020 Pandemic situation of Covid I got the bitter sweet opportunity to fully immerse myself in helping the Covid patients right from addmiting patients in the hospital, taking them for scanning in ambulance, providing food to the migrant workers and policemen doing their job for 24hrs.

We also held singing program at the Global Covid Hospital Celebrated Kojagiri pournima and Diwali festival along with the Patients, hospital staff and Doctors.
Various Organisations took note of the work done by me and was honoured with following Awards

Crime investigation express2. Janakalyan seva foundation

Police janiv seva

Sanman Savitri chya leki by We Care Association

MTTV India Digital media Puraskar6. The Real Super Women

Navdurga pursakar by Anand Cheritribal Trust

Savitri chya leki by BJP
I share this awards with my Dear and Near once which was not possible without their support.
But Even though I have received many notable awards achievement in my name But for me my greatest achievement till today and for always will be seeing the wide smiles and the happiness/joy in the eyes of the people to whom I lended the hand to and will continue to do so in the future till my last breath and for that I always pray God to fulfill my wish.
My vision for the future is to bring improvement in the quality of life for individuals and families.
To help them lead a better life and most importantly to see confidence in themselves,independent, self Respected which will help them to stay happy and healthy.

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