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Sanatana Dharma Yatra Announced by Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon for National, Moral, and Women’s Welfare

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In a significant declaration, Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon National President of Sanatana Dharma Parishad has announced a grand Sanatana Dharma Yatra, going to commence from Kanyakumari in March 2024, with its conclusion in Ayodhya by the end of March. The Yatra is set to focus on the pillars of “Rashtra Raksha” (National Protection), “Dharma Raksha” (Moral and Ethical Values), and “Sthree Raksha” (Women’s Welfare).

This spiritual pilgrimage is poised to witness active participation from approximately one lakh dedicated volunteers of the Sanatana Dharma Parishad, spread across various states. The Yatra’s objectives reflect a holistic approach to societal well-being, encompassing both national and moral dimensions.

The Yatra’s kickoff from the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari, symbolizes the geographical diversity and unity within the Sanatana Dharma community. As the procession traverses different states, the collective participation of volunteers is expected to amplify the message of unity, morality, and protection of women.

Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon,National President of Sanatana Dharma parishad and  a revered spiritual leader, expressed the need for a united effort in safeguarding the nation, upholding moral values, and ensuring the welfare of women. The Yatra, under his guidance, seeks to inspire individuals to contribute actively to these causes.

The Yatra is not merely a physical journey but a symbolic gesture representing the spiritual and cultural unity of the Sanatana Dharma community. As the Yatra progresses, it is anticipated to resonate with the hearts of people across the nation, fostering a sense of collective responsibility for the betterment of society.

With its endpoint in Ayodhya, a city with immense historical and cultural significance, the Yatra aims to conclude with a profound message of harmony, righteousness, and the integral role of women in the fabric of society.

As the countdown begins for the commencement of this noteworthy Sanatana Dharma Yatra, expectations are high for the transformative impact it may have on individuals and communities across the country.

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