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Regal Rhapsody by Team Karnataka Wins “Outstanding Handloom Revival Collection Award”

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Mumbai – In a groundbreaking moment for the world of fashion, Team Karnataka’s “Regal Rhapsody” has clinched the prestigious “Outstanding Handloom Revival Collection Award” at the World Couture League. This remarkable feat not only recognizes the talent and innovation of Karnataka’s fashion designers but also signifies a historic initiative by the World Designing Forum (WDF) in promoting Indian handloom and artisans.

*The First Initiative of World Couture League for Handloom Revival:*
This award-winning collection is the first initiative by the World Couture League, a part of the World Designing Forum, to actively promote Indian handloom and artisans. By celebrating the rich heritage of handloom, the World Couture League aims to provide a platform for designers to showcase their creativity while contributing to the revival of traditional weaving techniques and supporting local artisans.

*National Handloom Day: A Unified Celebration on 7th August 2024:*
As a testament to the greatness of this idea, the World Designing Forum announces that all states across India will celebrate “National Handloom Day” on 7th August 2024. This collective celebration is a step towards supporting the mission of “Vocal for Local,” emphasizing the importance of promoting and preserving India’s rich handloom heritage.

*About the Collection – Regal Rhapsody:*
“Dive into the beauty of Karnataka with a stunning collection: 9 garments blending the vibrant spirit of Yakshagana, color palettes from Mysore Palace, and the state bird Indian Roller.

Each piece, dyed in the alluring ‘ombre’ effect from Mysore Palace art, is paired with headgear inspired by the grace of Yakshagana.

It’s a perfect blend of heritage and style, ready to make waves on the rampwalk.”

*Congratulations from CEO of WDF, Ankush Anami:*
Ankush Anami, CEO of the World Designing Forum, extends heartfelt congratulations to Team Karnataka, led by Captain Asha M Thomas, and the talented designers – Bimba. G, S K Akif Ahemad, Sangeeta Lakra, Priyanka H Somannavar, Navyashree Naveen, and Shradha Jajodia.

This recognition not only highlights the creative brilliance of Team Karnataka but also marks a significant milestone in the journey toward promoting and reviving the glorious tradition of Indian handloom.

### About World Designing Forum (WDF):
The World Designing Forum is a global platform dedicated to promoting creativity, innovation, and collaboration in the field of design. Through initiatives like the World Couture League, WDF strives to showcase and celebrate the diverse talent of designers while fostering sustainable practices and supporting local craftsmanship.

### About World Couture League:
The World Couture League, a flagship event of the World Designing Forum, brings together designers from around the world to showcase their creativity and contribute to the growth of the global fashion industry. It serves as a platform to recognize outstanding talent and encourage innovation in design.

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