Rajeev Menon, National Secretary of Republican Party of India, Athawale, Advocates for Enhanced Animal Welfare Measures and Praises Modi Government’s Schemes


Dr. Rajeev Menon, National Secretary of the Republican Party of India, Athawale, has voiced his strong support for the improvement of animal welfare measures and commended the Modi Government for its remarkable schemes aimed at protecting and promoting the well-being of animals across the nation.

As a prominent figure in Indian politics and a passionate advocate for animal rights, Dr Rajeev Menon has consistently emphasized the importance of nurturing a society that upholds the dignity and welfare of all living beings. In light of recent developments, Dr Rajeev Menon has lauded the Modi Government’s efforts in implementing comprehensive schemes that address the various aspects of animal welfare.

The animal welfare schemes introduced by the Modi Government encompass a wide range of initiatives, including the protection of endangered species, the prevention of animal cruelty, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership. These schemes reflect the government’s commitment to building a compassionate society where animals are accorded the care and respect they deserve.

“Animals play an indispensable role in our ecosystem, and it is our moral duty to ensure their well-being,” expressed Dr.Rajeev Menon. “The animal welfare schemes implemented by the Modi Government are a testament to their dedication in safeguarding the rights and welfare of animals. We must continue to advocate for their effective implementation and raise awareness among the public.”

Dr Rajeev Menon further highlighted the need for increased collaboration among government agencies, animal welfare organizations, and individuals to strengthen the impact of these schemes. By fostering a spirit of unity and collective responsibility, he believes that society can create a lasting positive change in the lives of animals.

Additionally,Dr Rajeev Menon emphasized the importance of education and awareness programs to instill a sense of empathy and compassion toward animals from a young age. By incorporating animal welfare into the curriculum and organizing awareness campaigns, the government can shape future generations who will actively contribute to the well-being of animals.

Dr Rajeev Menon’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare, coupled with his appreciation for the animal welfare schemes implemented by the Modi Government, serves as a powerful impetus for further advancements in this field. Through his advocacy and the support of like-minded individuals, Menon aims to create a society where animals are treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.


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