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Invitation for Applications for National Summit Awards presented by Dnyanrachna Social Foundation

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Panaji, Goa – Dnyanrachna Social Foundation, a registered entity with the Indian Government, is extending a warm invitation to individuals and organizations alike to submit their applications online for the prestigious Indian Pinnacle National Awards-2024 (National Summit Awards). These esteemed accolades are slated to be conferred on May 12, 2024, in the vibrant city of Panaji, Goa. The announcement was made by the esteemed Directors of the Foundation, Pravin Salve, and Supriya Mahendra Choudhary.

The National Summit Awards, organized by the Foundation, encompass a diverse array of categories designed to honor outstanding contributions across various fields. These include the Art Emblem, National Sports Emblem Award, National Innovative Teacher Award, Social Work, National Clean and Prosperous Village, Ideal School National Award, Spiritual Work Recognition, Youth Emblem, Administrative Service and Support Award, National Agriculture Honor, Non-Governmental Organization Social Work Award, National Health Award, National Excellence Journalist Award, and National Sarpanch Award.

Individuals and organizations interested in applying for these prestigious awards are encouraged to reach out for further information. They can contact the Foundation directly at 8208640718 or 9075512802, or alternatively visit the official website at

In addition to recognizing excellence, Dnyanrachna Social Foundation is dedicated to supporting the underprivileged and marginalized members of society. Through various initiatives, the Foundation provides essential assistance to needy students, including breakfast, clothing, sarees for women, and educational materials.

This call for applications represents an opportunity to celebrate and honor those who have made significant contributions to society while also highlighting the Foundation’s commitment to social welfare and empowerment. As we look forward to the upcoming National Summit Awards ceremony, let us continue to inspire positive change and progress within our communities.

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