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India can cut the energy import bill by using 10% of coal bed methane.

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Experts have highlighted that India has the potential to significantly reduce its energy import bill by harnessing just 10% of the country’s coal bed methane (CBM) resources. CBM, a natural gas found in coal seams, can serve as an alternative energy source and help reduce India’s reliance on expensive energy imports. This development presents an opportunity for India to enhance its energy security and promote domestic energy production.

According to experts, India possesses substantial CBM reserves, estimated to be around 92 trillion cubic feet (tcf), making it one of the largest CBM reserves globally. However, the utilization of CBM resources in India has been limited, primarily due to technical challenges and regulatory bottlenecks.

By tapping into just 10% of the CBM reserves, India could make significant strides towards reducing its energy import bill, which puts a considerable strain on the country’s foreign exchange reserves. CBM can be extracted from coal seams using specialized drilling techniques, and its use as a clean-burning fuel can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy mix.

The development of CBM resources in India would not only help reduce the country’s energy import dependence but also create employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth. The extraction and utilization of CBM require investments in infrastructure, drilling equipment, and technological advancements, which can lead to the development of a robust CBM sector and associated industries.

To unlock the potential of CBM in India, experts suggest streamlining the regulatory framework and addressing technical challenges related to drilling and extraction. A supportive policy environment, simplified procedures, and attractive incentives can attract investments and encourage exploration and production activities in the CBM sector.

Furthermore, collaboration between government agencies, research institutions, and industry stakeholders is crucial to develop the necessary expertise, promote best practices, and ensure sustainable CBM development.

The utilization of CBM resources aligns with India’s broader energy goals, including increasing the share of natural gas in the energy mix, reducing carbon emissions, and enhancing energy security. CBM can complement other renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, by providing a consistent and reliable base load power supply.

In conclusion, the utilization of coal bed methane can offer a viable solution to India’s energy import challenges. By tapping into just a fraction of its vast CBM reserves, India can significantly reduce its energy import bill, enhance energy security, and promote sustainable and cleaner energy production. The development of the CBM sector requires a supportive regulatory framework, technological advancements, and collaboration among stakeholders. With the right approach, India can unlock the potential of CBM and propel its energy sector towards a more self-reliant and sustainable future.

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