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Seoul Turns Purple to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of BTS: A City United in Celebration

Seoul Paints It Purple: Celebrating 10 Years of BTS's Phenomenal Journey

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As the 10th anniversary of BTS approaches, the city of Seoul is preparing to turn purple in a vibrant display of celebration and appreciation for the global phenomenon that the group has become. With BTS’s immense popularity and profound impact on music, culture, and society, the city is gearing up to commemorate this milestone with a series of events and initiatives that will unite fans, locals, and visitors alike. Seoul, often referred to as the birthplace of BTS, holds a special significance in its journey, making it the perfect backdrop for a grand celebration.

  1. The Purple Wave Begins: To kick off the festivities, Seoul will illuminate iconic landmarks, streets, and buildings in shades of purple, the symbolic color associated with BTS, and their dedicated fanbase, ARMY. The city’s skyline will be transformed into a breathtaking display of lights, creating a captivating atmosphere that embodies the spirit of BTS’s music and the love they have received from fans worldwide.

  2. ARMY Gatherings and Fan Events: Seoul will become a hub for ARMYs as fan gatherings and events take place throughout the city. From fan meetings to exhibitions showcasing BTS’s journey, fans will have the opportunity to connect with fellow ARMYs and share their love for the group. These events will not only celebrate the achievements of BTS but also serve as a reminder of the strong bond between the group and their fans.

  3. BTS Museum and Memorabilia Exhibition: A special BTS museum will be set up, offering fans and visitors a chance to delve into the group’s history, milestones, and significant moments over the past decade. The museum will house a collection of memorabilia, including costumes, stage props, and personal belongings, providing an immersive experience that allows fans to relive the group’s incredible journey.

  4. Street Performances and Busking: Seoul’s vibrant streets will come alive with music as talented street performers and buskers pay tribute to BTS through their performances. From dance covers to live singing, these artists will showcase their love for the group and entertain passersby with their renditions of BTS’s hit songs. This celebration of music on the streets of Seoul will create a lively and joyful atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of BTS’s music and its impact on people’s lives.

  5. Public Art Installations: Throughout the city, eye-catching public art installations inspired by BTS will be erected, adding a touch of creativity and beauty to Seoul’s already vibrant landscape. These installations will serve as interactive backdrops for visitors to take photos, creating lasting memories and sharing their experiences on social media platforms. Each art piece will represent a significant aspect of BTS’s journey, paying homage to its music, message, and the love they have received from its fans.

  6. Collaborations and Special Performances: To commemorate the 10th anniversary, Seoul will host special collaborative performances featuring BTS and other renowned artists. These performances will showcase the group’s musical versatility and highlight their impact on the global music scene. The collaborations will not only captivate audiences but also serve as a testament to the influence and respect BTS has garnered within the industry.

  7. Fan Projects and Acts of Kindness: As part of the celebration, fans from around the world will participate in various charitable projects and acts of kindness, reflecting BTS’s message of love, unity, and giving back. These initiatives will range from supporting local communities and organizations to spreading positivity and kindness on social media platforms. The collective efforts of ARMYs will demonstrate the positive impact BTS has had on inspiring acts of compassion and making the world a better place.


the city of Seoul is gearing up to turn purple in honor of BTS and their remarkable 10th anniversary. This milestone not only celebrates the group’s incredible achievements but also highlights the immense impact they have had on the global music industry and their devoted fanbase, ARMY. From their humble beginnings to their meteoric rise to stardom, BTS has proven that hard work, dedication, and authentic artistry can break barriers and touch the hearts of millions.

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