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Growup Technology hires Indian women to work remotely and so far has empowered more than 200 women by giving them digital jobs

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Growup is on a mission to deploy 1,000 women by 2030

In a world where balancing work and family can often feel like an insurmountable challenge, Growup Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is pioneering a solution that not only empowers women but also contributes to the Indian economy. The brainchild of founders Saumya Kaushik and Divay Chadha, Growup Technologies is revolutionizing the way women participate in the workforce by providing remote employment opportunities.

At its core, Growup Technologies hires, trains, and deploys women who, due to family commitments such as maternity or caring for elderly relatives, are unable to work full-time in traditional office settings. Recognizing the myriad reasons why women often step back from their careers, Growup aims to bridge the gap by offering flexible, remote positions that accommodate their unique circumstances.

The process begins with onboarding these talented women onto the Growup platform, where they undergo rigorous training over a span of 60 days. Equipped with essential skills and knowledge, these women are then deployed to clients worldwide, including industry giants like GoDaddy, Sattva, Tech Mahindra, XS Worldwide, and I2I Consulting.

The impact of Growup’s initiatives extends far beyond merely providing employment. By enabling women to work from home, Growup is empowering them to become strong motivators both within their households and in the professional sphere. Many of these women are now the primary breadwinners, playing a pivotal role in supporting their families financially while also nurturing their careers.

As Growup Technologies celebrates its fifth year, its commitment to empowering women remains unwavering. With a goal to deploy 1,000 women by 2030, the organization is steadfast in its mission to create a more inclusive and equitable workforce. Through their innovative approach, Saumya Kaushik and Divay Chadha are not only living up to the company’s name but also transforming lives, one woman at a time.

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