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Elixr Labs Vows to Spearhead Patient-Centric Advancements in Healthcare Tech

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Elixr Labs, a leading healthcare technology company led by Mr Binu Bhasuran, CEO, is committed to delivering patient-centric advancements in the healthcare industry. Mr Bhasuran’s dedication to improving patient outcomes is evident throughout the company’s work.

The company offers a wide range of solutions, including co-development, compliance consulting, and agile transformation, all designed to support healthcare organizations in delivering exceptional care. Elixr Labs prioritizes patient well-being as its core value.

Their focus on global collaboration, compliance excellence, security mastery, and agile leadership ensures that their clients can develop and implement innovative healthcare solutions that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of patient-centred healthcare technology,” said Mr Binu Bhasuran, CEO of Elixr Labs. Our commitment to this mission propels our every action.”

He continued, highlighting a successful partnership, “This dedication is exemplified by our partnership with Mobile Heartbeat, a leading provider of clinical communication products. We co-developed their industry-leading clinical communication products, MH-CURE and Banyan.”

Elixr Labs focuses on a patient-centric approach, and Mr Bhasuran ensures that its clients can deliver quality care.

Our commitment to society and continuous improvement has earned us many awards and certifications. In 2023, we received ‘Great Place to Work’ recognition, our commitment to quality earned us the SA Safe certification, and we have even been recognized by Ambition Box, which is a significant achievement for us.

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