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Dragon Ball Super Saga: What Lies Beyond the 100th Chapter? Creator Unveils Plans

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Milestone Achieved: Dragon Ball Super Hits 100 Chapters

The Dragon Ball Super manga has reached a significant milestone with its 100th chapter, marking a momentous occasion for enthusiasts of the iconic saga. Toyotaro, the artist behind the manga, expressed gratitude for the readers’ unwavering support and hinted at an exciting future.

Toyotaro’s Gratitude and Teasers for the Future

In a heartfelt message to fans, Toyotaro acknowledged the support that has allowed him to reach the 100-chapter mark. He expressed his thanks and teased, “I’m also working hard to make things even more exciting in what’s to come after chapter 100, so please continue to enjoy the Dragon Ball Super manga!”

Dragon Ball Super Saga: What Lies Beyond the 100th Chapter? Creator Unveils Plans

Frieza’s Godly Power Unleashed

While the manga concluded its adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero events, a significant tease remains. Frieza, the iconic villain, has unveiled a new godly power and form, sparking anticipation among fans about the chaos he might unleash in the upcoming chapters.

Insights into Chapter 100 Excitement

Toyotaro provided a sneak peek into the excitement awaiting readers in the 100th chapter. The milestone chapter is promised to be filled with thrilling scenes, setting the stage for the unfolding narrative in the Dragon Ball Super saga.

Uncharted Territory: Future of Dragon Ball Super

With no more anime materials to adapt, the future of Dragon Ball Super remains an open book. Toyotaro’s commitment to making the series “even more exciting” raises curiosity about the uncharted territories the manga might explore. As the manga evolves past its 100th chapter, fans can expect fresh and exhilarating narratives to unfold.

In the Dragon Ball Super universe, the adventure continues, and fans can eagerly anticipate the untold stories and surprises that lie ahead.

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