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Courier Services Suspended for Vihaan Direct Selling Amid Fraud Allegations.

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The courier services of India Post as well as Blue Dart have dealt a huge blow to the Indian franchisee of the controversial multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, QNet, called Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd. The MLM entity is facing numerous allegations of fraud and legal scrutiny. These challenges are further complicated by a recent decision by India Post and Blue Dart to withhold their services from Vihaan Direct Selling.

There was a directive from Registrar of Companies (ROC), ordering that courier services be suspended for Vihaan Direct Selling due to its engagement in numerous criminal cases and legal actions. This development signifies growing anxiety over company operations and likely consequences affecting consumers.

At the heart of the controversy are some severe fraud allegations amounting to an astounding ₹1 billion against this firm, Vihaan Direct Selling, and its affiliates. Consequently, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has moved in by blocking any financial transactions via 36 bank accounts linked with Vihaan Direct Selling valued at above Rs 90 crores as part of money laundering probe. Legal actions however including cases filed by ED have addressed issues related to fraud against Vihaan Direct Selling particularly on Rs425 crore scam which is known as QNet case.

Government bodies have tightened the screws on Vihaan Direct Selling; consumer affairs and corporate affairs have commenced winding-up proceedings against this company. The extent of fraud committed by Vihaan Direct Selling has significantly been emphasized through judicial observations, especially by Judge Mridula Bhatkar of Bombay High Court.

In spite of legal and regulatory interventions, Vihaan Direct Selling continues to operate in multi-level marketing (MLM), which hampers consumer protection efforts. The company also suffered a major blow when courier services were halted. With increasing fraud allegations and hardening regulatory actions, the destiny of its operations hangs in balance, making it a milestone moment for MLM industry and initiatives aimed at safeguarding customers.

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