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BTS’ Jimin Makes History with Seven No. 1 Hits on iTunes Charts

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Diversifying his achievements, BTS’ Jimin cements his place in music history as the first solo artist to conquer international iTunes charts with seven songs, each claiming the coveted No. 1 spot.

Global Domination on iTunes Charts

Jimin, the 28-year-old K-pop sensation from BTS, continues to rewrite history as he achieves an unparalleled milestone on the international iTunes charts. His latest single, “Closer Than This,” soared to the top position in over 106 regions worldwide on December 24, including major markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Canada, Germany, Brazil, and Australia.

Triumph Over Christmas Classics

In a remarkable feat, Jimin’s “Closer Than This” surpassed traditional Christmas hits, defeating Wham’s “Last Christmas” in the UK charts and dethroning Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the United States. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy considering the stiff competition during the festive season.

A Record-Breaking Solo Journey

Jimin’s latest triumph solidifies his status as the only solo artist globally to achieve No. 1 rankings for seven different songs on iTunes charts in over 100 regions. The remarkable list includes hits like “Filter,” “With You,” “VIBE,” “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” “Like Crazy,” and “Angel Pt. 1,” showcasing the artist’s unparalleled impact and resonance across diverse audiences.

Fan Celebration on Social Media

Following this extraordinary achievement, fans flooded social media platforms with congratulatory messages for Jimin. Expressing their admiration, fans on X (formerly Twitter) hailed “Closer Than This” as a beautiful song, commending Jimin’s ability to top western charts and surpass renowned Western artists.

Fans Shower Praise on Jimin’s Musical Excellence

Fans celebrated Jimin’s ability to outshine on the Christmas week, expressing pride in his musical prowess. Messages like “CONGRATULATIONS JIMIN CLOSER THAN THIS BY JIMIN” and “I’m so proud of Jimin, I really love ‘Closer Than This'” echoed the collective joy of BTS enthusiasts worldwide.

In a testament to Jimin’s global influence and musical brilliance, this achievement stands as a testament to the artist’s exceptional talent and the unwavering support of his dedicated fanbase.

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