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Breaking Records: BTS Songs Selected for NASA’s Upcoming Moon Mission2024

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Despite the temporary absence of some BTS members due to mandatory military enlistment, the K-pop sensation continues to make waves. In a groundbreaking move, NASA has chosen three BTS songs, including RM’s solo track Moonchild, for their highly anticipated 2024 lunar mission. This marks a historic moment as RM becomes the first solo K-pop artist to have their song played in space.

BTS’s Lunar Presence

The Moon Tunes Playlist, carefully crafted by NASA for their upcoming lunar expedition, boasts a selection of space-themed tracks. Alongside RM’s Moonchild, BTS’s Mikrokosmos and 134340 have also secured spots on this celestial playlist.

RM’s Stellar Achievement

RM’s solo track Moonchild being chosen by NASA underscores not only his individual success but also serves as a testament to breaking cultural norms. This achievement solidifies RM’s position in the music industry, showcasing the global impact of K-pop beyond Earth’s boundaries.

The Moon Tunes Playlist Unveiled

As NASA gears up for its next moon mission, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the agency has introduced the Moon Tunes Playlist. This cosmic selection of songs adds an innovative touch to space exploration, intertwining the realms of music and science.

RMxNASA: Fans Celebrate the Cosmic Collaboration

Following the viral announcement of RM and BTS’s collaboration with NASA, fans flooded social media with messages of congratulations. One fan expressed pride in RM’s achievement, stating, “A song from an unpromoted mixtape really did that! I’m so proud of him.” Another fan eagerly shared, “Mikrokosmos deserves it so much! (All the songs deserve it. But Mikrokosmos is so precious to my heart.) I can’t wait.”


Embracing the Cosmic Harmony

In a universe where music transcends boundaries, BTS and RM’s cosmic collaboration with NASA sets a new standard. As the Moon Tunes Playlist prepares to echo through space, it not only celebrates the achievements of K-pop but also symbolizes the unifying power of music in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

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