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BLACKPINK Receives Prestigious MBE Honors at Buckingham Palace2023

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A Royal Recognition for Climate Advocacy

In a historic moment, the K-pop sensation BLACKPINK was honored by King Charles III on Wednesday for their significant contributions to raising awareness about climate change. The British monarch bestowed honorary Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) titles upon BLACKPINK members Jennie Kim, Jisoo Kim, and Lalisa Manoban. Additionally, bandmate Roseanne (Rosé) Park received a real MBE, a distinction owed to her New Zealand citizenship alongside her Korean nationality.

Buckingham Palace Ceremony

The ceremony took place at Buckingham Palace, where the members of BLACKPINK, adorned in elegant attire, were presented with their medals by King Charles III. Jennie and Jisoo opted for black outfits, while Lisa chose a baby blue dress with a short cape. Rosé donned a stylish grey pantsuit, adding to the regality of the occasion.


Royal Recognition for COP26 Contributions

The honors were bestowed in recognition of BLACKPINK’s pivotal role in promoting the objectives of the COP26 summit on climate change held in Glasgow, Scotland, two years ago. The awards form part of Britain’s distinguished honours system, which acknowledges exceptional service to the nation and the global community.

Humorous Exchange with the King

During the ceremony, King Charles III lightened the atmosphere with humor, jokingly remarking to BLACKPINK, “It’s amazing you’re still talking to each other after all these years… I hope I shall be able to see you perform live at some point.” The good-humored exchange added a delightful touch to the formal proceedings.

Earlier Recognition and Achievements

On Tuesday, during a state banquet in honor of Korean President Yoon and first lady Kim Keon Hee, King Charles III had praised BLACKPINK for their efforts in conveying the message of environmental sustainability to a global audience.

BLACKPINK, a trailblazing K-pop group, had previously made history in July by headlining a major UK music festival, BST Hyde Park, in central London. Their sold-out concert at the festival, attended by 65,000 fans, marked a significant milestone in their career.

Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has achieved remarkable success, emerging as one of the world’s most successful girl groups. They have broken records, including becoming the most subscribed-to music artists on YouTube, solidifying their impact on the global music scene.

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