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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Assures Action as Bridge Collapse Raises Concerns of Poor Construction

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has expressed concern over the recent collapse of a bridge in Bhagalpur and stated that the structure was not constructed properly, further emphasizing that it had already collapsed once last year. He assured the public that the state government would thoroughly investigate the matter and take strict action to address the recurring issue.

During a media interaction, CM Nitish Kumar highlighted the alarming fact that the bridge, which collapsed yesterday, had previously experienced a similar incident. He directed officials to initiate a comprehensive inquiry into the matter, emphasizing the need to hold those responsible accountable. The repeated collapse of the bridge suggests potential shortcomings in its construction and raises questions about public safety.

CM Nitish Kumar’s commitment to addressing the issue demonstrates the government’s dedication to ensuring the quality and reliability of infrastructure projects in Bihar. The government’s swift response and determination to take strict action serve as reassurance to the public that incidents of this nature will not be taken lightly.

The collapse of the bridge underscores the importance of adhering to proper construction practices and maintaining high standards of quality in infrastructure development. Infrastructure projects play a vital role in supporting economic growth and connecting communities, and their reliability is crucial for public safety.

The state government’s decision to investigate the matter thoroughly sends a strong message about its commitment to improving construction practices and preventing similar incidents in the future. The findings of the investigation will likely shed light on the reasons behind the repeated collapses and help identify the necessary corrective measures.

The collapse of a bridge in Bhagalpur has raised concerns about the quality of construction and public safety. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has acknowledged the recurring nature of the incident and pledged to take strict action. The government’s proactive approach in investigating the matter and ensuring accountability reflects its commitment to improving infrastructure standards. It is imperative to address the issue promptly to prevent any further incidents and restore public confidence in the reliability of infrastructure projects.

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