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BABYMONSTER ‘BATTER UP’: Makes K-Pop History YouTube Triumph and iTunes Domination

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YG Entertainment’s latest sensation, BABYMONSTER, has stormed into the K-pop scene with their debut MV ‘BATTER UP,’ setting remarkable records and overshadowing established milestones in the genre. From conquering global iTunes charts to smashing YouTube records, the all-girl group is making waves globally.

BABYMONSTER: BATTER UP Conquers iTunes Charts Globally

In an astounding achievement, ‘BATTER UP’ has claimed the top spot on the global iTunes charts in an impressive 20 countries within hours of its release. The list includes countries like the Philippines, Peru, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore, showcasing BABYMONSTER’s international appeal.


YouTube Triumph: Record-Breaking Debut MV Views

BABYMONSTER debut MV achieved an extraordinary milestone on YouTube, amassing a staggering 22.590 million views on its debut day. As of the latest count, the view count has surged to 25,782,727, maintaining its global dominance. Surpassing the record previously held by aespa’s ‘Black Mamba,’ BABYMONSTER’s ‘BATTER UP’ now stands as the most-viewed debut MV by a Korean group on YouTube.

Meet YG Entertainment’s BABYMONSTER

Following the legacy of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment’s second girl group, BABYMONSTER, comprises seven diverse members. Hailing from various countries, including Thailand, Japan, and Korea, the group embodies cultural richness. Notably, Ahyeon, a fan favorite from a survival show, couldn’t participate in the debut due to medical reasons. However, her recent appearance at YG’s headquarters has sparked speculations about a potential comeback and her role in the group.

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