Ankkir Legal Shifts Office Location to Advance Client Services and Expansion Efforts


In a strategic maneuver, Ankkir Legal, a prominent law firm established in Jodhpur in May 2021, has recently repositioned its office within the same building, relocating from the first floor to a more expansive basement space. This strategic move, articulated by Ankit Singh Gehlot, the firm’s managing partner, reflects an initiative to optimize client services and foster a more accommodating environment for meetings and consultations.

Founded by Gehlot and Kiran Kachhawaha, now partners in both marriage and law, the firm has established a robust presence across diverse legal domains encompassing civil law, criminal law, taxation, land issues, service matters, personal laws, writ litigation and other miscellaneous issues. Their service portfolio extends to offering comprehensive legal guidance, including compliance advisory, dispute resolution, and specialized regulatory counsel, showcased prominently on the firm’s official website. Kachhawaha’s background as a legal researcher further fortifies the firm’s prowess, particularly in criminal litigation within the region of Rajasthan.

Demonstrating expertise honed across varied legal landscapes, the dynamic duo of legal practitioners is keen on expanding Ankkir Legal’s team. Currently comprising two partners, the firm has articulated intentions to augment its roster by enlisting associates who share aligned expertise and strategic visions. Kachhawaha confidently affirmed the firm’s commitment to welcoming like-minded associates as part of their future associate expansion endeavours.

Moreover, the firm substantiated this relocation news by uploading a video on its official YouTube channel recently, which further confirmed the office relocation.


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