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Anime Streaming Data Revealed by Netflix: Unveiling Viewer Favorites

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In a recent data drop by Netflix, anime enthusiasts were treated to a wealth of streaming insights, totaling an astounding 95.8 million hours. Let’s delve into the most-watched anime series, breaking down the global favorites, exclusives, and franchise juggernauts.

1. Global Dominance: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Baki Rule

Netflix’s data reveals the reigning champions for anime available worldwide. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Baki stand out as global favorites. Surprisingly, Vinland Saga Season 1 stole the limelight with an impressive 49.3 million hours viewed.

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2. Exclusive Hits: Demon Slayer Reigns Supreme

For anime not globally available, Demon Slayer emerged as the undisputed leader, amassing a staggering 95.8 million hours during the Unwavering Resolve Arc. Following closely were Record of Ragnarok Season 2 and The Seven Deadly Sins franchise, making a formidable impact.

3. Netflix Franchise Giants: Attack on Titan, One Piece, and Pokémon

Netflix’s anime catalog boasts franchise giants with Attack on Titan accumulating 59.4 million hours across the series, with Season 1 standing out at 23.3 million hours. One Piece, a colossal force, recorded an impressive 260.7 million total hours viewed. The timeless appeal of Pokémon remains evident with an extraordinary 260.7 million hours viewed.

4. Notable Performers: Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, and More

Beyond the chart-toppers, several anime series secured notable viewership on Netflix. Slam Dunk garnered 23.9 million hours viewed, while Sailor Moon, available worldwide with Sailor Moon Eternal, accumulated 7.7 million hours. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba also stood strong, collectively amassing millions of viewing hours.

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