A Story from the hand of young writer- Saniya Gupta


When I was writing this book, I got to learn a lot, if there are many problems in the lives of all of us, then we have to find a solution to it, we can run away from our problems, we can not run away from our problems, similarly we all face the problems of life, so it does not mean that we forget to be happy at the time. We all do this wrong again and again in our lives, when there are problems in our life, it is very difficult to be happy at that time, but we have happiness, which is a claim for us which we need very much, so keep smiling.

There are many stories, but these stories are such that if the poet becomes emotional, I became very emotional while writing this story or when I was writing this story, I felt as if I was feeling all this or we felt that you must have read many stories that will be completed but This story is incomplete. This story is about a girl who never gave up on her life, you must be wondering if this story is true? This story is true, the name of the girl is Asha or this is the same girl who never gave up on her life but her luck did not support her, I know that you will not be able to understand anything right now, I am not in anyone, I want to tell you all from this story that anything wrong is happening to anyone anywhere. So don’t be angry with her, fight her or win or never give up on your life, if you can do it or wake up, then it happens that the girl who is raped is not allowed to live in that society, why do people do this, why do we look at the girl in the wrong way, what is the fault of the girl in that? I wish these people could not do this to understand or help that girl, how to give her a chance to grow old by forgetting all that, but no, nothing like this happens, I want to say something to the society that till now even the boys have been raped or genty girls have committed suicide, then they do not commit suicide. Or the reason for her is the society that says that Yuki is the society that says that hey look, we have been raped by the girl, that girl can no longer live in the society, what effect will this have on our child, then let me tell you that this is the reason why girls are committing suicide, they are thinking that they take their own face in the society. If I go, then what do people think, this is the reason why girls die or it is called suicide or it is the same problem not only with boys but also with boys.

There is a lot of reason for the picture of suicide, some people commit suicide even after getting upset with their life or losing their lives, or how many girls or boys commit suicide by going into depression or whatever the reason behind committing suicide, everyone has their own life or if there are problems in life, then this is what it means. So it is not that we give up and commit suicide or if there is happiness in everyone’s life, sometimes sorrow or it is a part of our life, then we have to move forward or do something.

This story will teach you how to keep happy or smiling in life or this story will teach you to live life or this story will also teach you that if you want to be successful in your life, then you do not only have to be successful in your life, but you should be successful in your life as well as live in your life. All these are a part of our lives, they teach us the right way to live life or this book is not just a book for me, this story is an emotion that will keep you strong for a lifetime with hope or fear.


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