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2023 Shangri-La Frontier: Anime Announces Next Arc with New Trailer

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Shangri-La Frontier continues to capture viewers’ hearts with its enthralling storyline and vibrant characters in the dynamic world of anime. Fans can now look forward to the next chapter as C2C Studio unveils the highly anticipated Tombguard arc, teasing audiences with a glimpse into the future of Sunraku’s virtual reality adventure.

Tomb guard Arc Revealed in Shangri-La Frontier Trailer

The recent release of Episode 9 not only hinted at a new season but also left fans excited. C2C Studio, the creative force behind the anime, has once again demonstrated its prowess in bringing Sunraku’s journey to life in this virtual reality masterpiece. From immersive world-building to captivating action sequences, the studio has garnered praise for its exceptional work.

 Shangri-La Frontier

C2C Studio Teases Fans with Exciting Developments for Sunraku’s Adventure

The newly unveiled trailer takes center stage, showcasing the upcoming Tombguard arc. Fans can expect fresh additions to the main cast, with the introduction of Kei Uomi and Wezaemon the Tombguard. These new characters are set to add depth and complexity to the narrative, promising unforeseen twists and turns in Sunraku’s journey.

New Characters Kei Uomi and Wezaemon the Tombguard Join the Main Cast

Among the intriguing revelations in the trailer is the inclusion of Kei Uomi and Wezaemon the Tombguard. While Kei Uomi’s role in the plot remains a mystery to viewers, glimpses from openings, trailers, and promotional visuals suggest a significant impact on the unfolding events. Arthur Pencilgon, an insider on the Hidden Field and Sunraku’s comrade from previous games, hints at an imminent clash with the formidable Wezaemon the Tombguard.

Tombguard arc unfolds, it promises to provide deeper insights into Sunraku’s understanding of the virtual world and the extent of his unfinished business, particularly in confronting some of The Seven Colossi.

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