Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Pakistan’s Inflation Reaches Record High, Raising Concerns Over Economy and Political Stability

Pakistan's economy is facing a major challenge as inflation reaches a new all-time high, surpassing 38%. The news of this alarming inflation rate has...

How US banks and Fed are prepping for default and the chaos which might follow

US banks and the Federal Reserve are taking precautionary measures to prepare for potential defaults and the potential chaos that could ensue. The financial...

Bank of England raises interest rates to 4.5% as inflation slow to fall,

The Bank of England has raised interest rates to 4.5%, citing concerns over inflation. Despite hopes that inflation would fall in line with expectations,...

It is crucial to maintain peace and security in the Indian Ocean: India, Maldives.

On Wednesday, India and the Maldives reiterated the importance of preserving peace, stability, and security in the Indian Ocean and upholding international law and...

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