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BAM Digital Realty will set up a Mumbai data centre at Rs 2000 cr.

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BAM Digital Realty, a leading provider of data center solutions, has announced plans to establish a new data center in Mumbai, India, with an investment of Rs 2000 crore. This move comes as part of the company’s expansion strategy to meet the increasing demand for data storage and processing capabilities in the country.

The upcoming data center in Mumbai will be BAM Digital Realty’s first facility in the city and will complement its existing data center nearing completion in Chennai. The company aims to capitalize on India’s growing digital economy and the need for robust infrastructure to support the rising data requirements of businesses across various industries.

Data centers play a critical role in enabling businesses to store, process, and manage their digital assets securely and efficiently. With the rapid digitization and increasing adoption of cloud-based services in India, there is a surge in demand for data centers that can offer reliable connectivity, high-performance computing, and advanced security measures.

BAM Digital Realty’s investment in the new Mumbai data center underscores the company’s commitment to providing world-class data center facilities and services in India. The facility is expected to offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, including scalable server racks, advanced cooling systems, redundant power supply, and robust security measures to ensure uninterrupted and secure operations.

The establishment of data centers in key Indian cities like Mumbai and Chennai is crucial for supporting the country’s digital transformation initiatives, attracting foreign investments, and fostering innovation across sectors. These data centers will not only cater to the needs of domestic businesses but also serve as regional hubs, attracting multinational companies seeking reliable data infrastructure in India.

Furthermore, the expansion of BAM Digital Realty and other data center providers in India is expected to generate employment opportunities in the technology and IT infrastructure sectors. The development of skilled professionals in data center operations, maintenance, and management will contribute to India’s digital workforce.

As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven operations and cloud-based services, the demand for data center facilities will continue to grow. It is anticipated that BAM Digital Realty’s investment in the new Mumbai data center will contribute to the overall development of India’s digital infrastructure and support the country’s digital economy aspirations.

The completion of the Chennai data center and the upcoming establishment of the Mumbai facility demonstrate BAM Digital Realty’s commitment to providing cutting-edge data center solutions in India. These developments are expected to bolster India’s position as a data center destination and drive further investments in the sector.

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